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In just a brief time, Lotus Hunan has established a regular clientele, and for good reason. I think their egg drop soup is absolutely delightful. It has a mellow, satisfying flavor. But it's not bland like so many other egg drop soups. And the hot and sour seafood soup is equally intriguing. It presents beautifully and it tastes even better. And don't forget to try the Sesame Fish for an appetizer. I love the texture of the fish and the taste is dead on. Also stellar are the potstickers (pan fried dumplings). Served with chile oil and soy sauce mixed with vinegar, these dim sum of ground pork are delectable and savory. The shrimp toast, Mrs. Vo's spcecialty, is also a crispy and tasty pleasure. This appetizer can get greasy, but not at Lotus Hunan.
I have more favorite entrees here than I have time to discuss them. But let me try. The Sesame Shrimp is one of my favorites. Mr. Vo adds just the right amount of spice do this dish, which in my opinion, is one of the best of its kind in central Texas. Ask for yours kicked up a notch and see it you don't agree. Another really interesting dish is the Shrimp With Eggplant in a lip-smacking brown sauce. The eggplant blends perfectly with the shrimp and gives the dish a textural integrity that's hard to beat. Order it next time you come. And the Young Duck Ginger Root will get your heart thumping. The dish features boneless meat of duck stir fried in a mellow brown sauce with scallions and ginger. Not greasy at all, but bursting with flavor. The Hot and Spicy Fish Fillet is an amazing dish. Vo begins with bite size pieces of fish and fries them with bell peppers, water chestnuts, and carrots. Not only does it present beautifully, but flavors of the disparate ingredients mingle perfectly. And another stellar player on the roster is my daughter Lauren's favorite: Chicken with Broccoli. A simple dish, but one rewards each time out a very subtle presentation of tastes and flavors. And a relative of that dish: the classic Kung Pao Chicken, gets its fare share of orders at Lotus. And Lotus, because of it's wide delivery range, has become a favorite of the take-out crowd as well.
So head up to Lotus Hunan at Bee Caves and Walsh Tarlton in Westlake and meet the Vo family. They will treat you like family and make you feel at home. Just don't linger long enough to get into a game of Pai Gow poker with Mrs. Vo. Or you may find yourself working in the kitchen.
great chinese food 
Posted by gsxr on 04/14/07(
i come here all the time and would like to give a shout out to this restaurant its the best i've had and everyone needs to give it a try. i love it
Posted by austingamer on 04/02/07(
I kept hearing about this place and I finally gave it a try. Now I want to tell everyone to come, the food was made so fast and the waitress told me it was made from scratch, so fresh.
great food 
Posted by itsme on 03/31/07(
this is the best chinese food in austin
come on in 
Posted by 80289418028941love2eat on 01/18/07(
Lotus is a great family owned restaurant. The food at lotus was very fresh and the staff is great. I visited the restaurant at about 7:30 pm and was worried because there was not a crowd of customers dining. I believe that people are not aware of the restaurants existance, I would love to let everyone know it's great and everyone who loves chinese food should go try it!!!!!!!!